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Why Choose Us?


We are a family owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience in the testing industry. We take great pride in building relationships with our clients and keeping them up to date with current legislative requirements in their workplace.

During our rounds of testing, our staff are able to repair the faulty appliances we discover in your workplace. This helps to keep your workplace running smoothly without disruption. We offer plug, socket and lead repairs to any appliance up to 240v. 

All our staff have been thoroughly trained to ensure the job has been completed safely and to ensure every item and area is safe for everyone. At ELMS TCS our staff are trained Yearly for CPR & Low Voltage Rescue to ensure the safety of everyone when we visit your workplace.

Our test equipment is calibrated annually to ensure the most accurate results when inspecting your workplace. We also supply our employees with their own calibration blocks so they can test their equipment every morning before they start any job. This is to ensure their test equipment is working to its full capacity prior to starting each job.

At ELMS TCS our staff will be able to work around your opening hours to ensure all essential equipment is done prior to your customer service hours. We can start any job at any time to help prevent disruptions to your normal trading hours.

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