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What is Circuit Tracing?

This is a effective method of transmitting a signal down a electrical line to locate where it is being fed from. Circuit tracing is a great way of finding out what circuit each safety switch or circuit break are covering. Normally switchboard have dedicated legends which identify each circuit and their locations. Over time these circuits can change due to general electrical maintenance.

Why does my workplace need circuit tracing?


Circuit tracing is done when a workplace needs their switchboard legends updated. Updating your switchboard legends means the user knowns the locations of each circuit and what that circuit is covering. This is not only handy to maintenance staff but also general staff in the workplace. If a safety switch or circuit breaker trips the user will easily be able to identify where the fault is present in their workplace. Circuit tracing will allow us to update your switchboard legends and locations for each circuit in your workplace to make it easier in these circumstances.

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