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Low Voltage
Rescue Services

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Do I need a Safety Observer when testing live ?

Electrical Safety Code of Practice 2013 states that a competent safety observer must be present when work is carried out on energised electrical equipment, unless the work consists only of testing and a risk assessment shows that there is no serious risk associated with the proposed work.

All our staff at ELMS TCS have been trained annually how to handle every situation when dealing with Low Voltage Rescue & CPR. Our staff always carry in date Low Voltage Rescue Kits along with First Aid Kits, SWMS and Checklist that need to be completed prior to testing for your safety. 

Our safety observers will be available to observe and protect you and your electricians when working on any live switchboards or equipment.

Not only can our staff assist with Low Voltage Rescue & CPR but we can also document all test results during the testing process. 

Your safety is our number 1 priority.

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