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Leakage Testing

What is Microwave Leakage Testing?

Microwave testing or microwave leakage testing is done to ensure that the microwave in your workplace or home is not leaking radioactive energy. This can happen due to wear and tear. Dirt, old seals and loose hinges can create gaps which can allow harmful levels of radioactive energy to escape while in use.

In accordance with AS/NZS 60335.2.25 our staff measure the radiation levels around your microwave using Radiation Leakage Detectors to ensure these levels are safe.


What tests do we do?


Based off the appliance there are numerous tests we do to ensure the electrical item is safe for use.

These tests include: 

  • Visual Inspection 

            - This visual inspection is to ensure the appliance doesn't have any                               cosmetic damage including cracks in the door, seals or glass.  This is                       one of the most important stages as this is normally overlooked by many                   people.

  • Leakage Test

            - This test is to ensure that the seals, door and other areas of the                   

               microwave are secure and are not leaking any radiation when in use.

Once these tests have been completed and the item has been deemed safe, a tag is the put on for the required testing period.

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