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Plug, Socket
& Lead Repairs

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What we repair & why.


In the workplace numerous items can be subject to damage. Knicks, cuts and breaks can result in your electrical appliances not working to their full potential. Some of these cuts can also expose internal copper conductors which could cause a serious workplace injury.​

At ELMS TCS our staff are licensed and trained to replace plugs, sockets and leads on single phase appliances including 10 amp, 15 amp, 20 amp, 25 amp & 32 amp items.  

Repairing appliances during our rounds of testing can significantly reduce injury in your workplace and the overall cost of sending your appliances away for repair.

Other related electrical faults can be:

  • Poor earth continuity.

  • Modified 15 amp plugs.

  • Broken wiring resulting in an open circuit.

  • Faulty cord switches.

  • Missing insulation on plug pins.

  • Corrosion on pins or internal wiring.

  • Reverse polarity. (incorrectly wired)

  • Missing cable glands.

  • Exposed single insulated cables.

  • Incorrectly restrained within plug.

  • Knicks & cuts.

(Photos Below)

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