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Does your workplace require RCD Testing?


Work Health and Safety Act 2011 states that  “A person with management or control of a workplace MUST take all reasonable steps to ensure that residual current devices used at the workplace are tested regularly by a competent person to ensure that the devices are operating effectively”.

What is RCD Testing?


RCD Testing is a process of which a competent person does an electrical safety test on your RCD Safety Switches in accordance with AS/NZS 3760.

This test will ensure that your safety switches are working to their full potential in order to save someone's life if an appliance used on this circuit is faulty.

This electrical tests help our staff to uncover potential electrical problems in your workplace or home before they become a serious hazard.

What tests do we do?


Based off the time frame there are numerous tests we do to ensure the RCD Safety Switches are in safe working order.

These tests include: 

  • Visual Inspection 

- This visual inspection is to ensure the switchboard/portable RCD doesn't have any cosmetic damage including exposed copper conductors and single insulated cables. This is one of the most important stages as this is normally overlooked by many people. Access to live conductors can cause serious injury.

  • Push Button Test

- This test is to ensure that the RCD is working and tripping when there is a fault on the circuit. This test is done every 6 months.

  • Time Out Test

- The time out test is done to ensure the RCD is tripping within its allowable times. The allowable rate for a RCD to trip is within 300ms. This is done with certified test equipment with both a 0 degree & 180 degree test to ensure the RCD is operating at its full potential. This test is done every 12 months.

For more information on the testing your workplace requires please refer to our Testing & Inspection Intervals Table below.

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